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Craft Beers

Luna Negra

Mexican Chocolate Stout - 6.6% ABV - 35 IBU

Mexican chocolate stout with big aromas of rich dark chocolate, vanilla, light toast and fruity esters. The flavor is a nice Mexican style chocolate with notes of vanilla, cinnamon and chipotle pepper.

16oz Draft $7.00 32oz Crowler $14.00

Moon Dormie

Blonde Ale - 5.4% ABV - 15 IBU

An easy drinking blonde ale lightly hopped with Willamette hops. This malt forward beer is a tasty for any occasion.

16oz Draft $7.00 32oz Crowler $14.00

Booster Brown

Brown Ale - American - 5.4% ABV - 28 IBU

Malty delicious combination of toasted oats and toffee with a full-bodied mouth feel and a nice creamy head. Centennial and Sonnet hops are combined to add a floral, grassy and earthy aroma profile.

16oz Draft $7.00 32oz Crowler $14.00

By Jove

Pale Ale - English - 5.9% ABV - 38 IBU

An English term meaning by Jupiter . This English Pale Ale is a balanced profile of malts and bitterness. Made exclusively with English grains, hops, and yeast, this ale is richly flavored and medium bodied.

16oz Draft $7.00 32oz Crowler $14.00

Sea of Tranquility

Pilsner - Czech - 5% ABV - 18 IBU

This Czech Pilsner was crafted after the world famous Pilsner Urquell. In every sip of Sea of Tranquility you will notice a refreshing crisp calmness with subtle caramel tones and a clean dry finish with a touch of pleasing hoppy bitterness from Saaz hops.

16oz Draft $7.00 32oz Crowler $14.00

Dark Matter

Stout - Imperial • 9.5% ABV • 46 IBU

Roasted barley and chocolate malt are used to impart the characteristic, semi-opaque dark color, intensely roasted nose, and complex flavor profile. Dark chocolate and espresso dominate the flavor of up front, while the wild dark fruit provides a smooth yet deceptive finish with relatively no alcohol hotness.

12oz Draft $8.00 32oz Crowler $18.00

India Pale Ales

Space Cat IPA

IPA - American - 7% ABV - 66 IBU

This old school West Coast style IPA is an Apogee fan favorite. Hops and malt combine to create a nice bitter texture along with floral and honey on the nose.

16oz Draft $7.00 32oz Crowler $14.00

Falcon Heavy

IPA - Double - 7.5% ABV - 60 IBU

This Double IPA leaves the pad with a big grapefruit and citrus notes! Pours with a hazy golden hue and pure white head. The amazing aroma from Citra and Mosaic hops brings you in and the easy drinking flavor makes you want to stay.

16oz Draft $7.00 32oz Crowler $14.00

Scrubbed For Fog

Hazy IPA • 6.8% ABV • 64 IBU

Scrubbed for Fog is a Hazy IPA enhanced with a double dry hop of Mosaic Citra and Vic Secret hops. This beer features the elegant flavors of pilsner malts and texture of torrified wheat and oats. Citrus and tropical aromas brings you in. Flavors of candied pineapple, mango, and mandarin orange keeps you coming back. Many launch operations have been scrubbed due to fog, sending launch personnel scrambling for a taste of "Scrubbed for Fog"!!

16oz Draft $7.00 32oz Crowler $14.00

X-37A Imperial IPA

IPA - Imperial • 9.5% ABV • 87 IBU

X-37A was made to honor America's Spaceplane with 7 grains from around the world and 3 hops, including Zeus, Galaxy, and Comet.

12oz Draft $8.00 32oz Crowler $18.00

Belgian Styles

Space Cadet

Belgian Blonde - 6% ABV - 35 IBU

Space Cadet is Lucy’s younger sister. Sexy and super smart like her Belgian sister, and ready for exploration. This Belgian Blonde is clean, crisp and lightly hopped with Saaz hops to add a little spice to her life.

16oz Draft $7.00 32oz Crowler $14.00

Hubble Dubbel

Belgian Dubbel - 7% ABV - 30 IBU

Belgian style Dubbel made with the highest quality Belgian ingredients. This beer presents a deep copper color and off-white head. The aroma is flavor-able fruity, with dried figs, a hint of raisin and turbinado sugar sweetness. Malt and bread flavors carry the scent while fig and date meld with the light yeast spice in the finish.

16oz Draft $7.00 32oz Crowler $14.00

Monks In Space

Belgian Tripel - 9% ABV - 28 IBU

This Belgian Tripel has a boozy plume that carries its bold aromas to your nose and warmth on the way down to inspire awe. Clean and crisp with aromas of citrus and cardamom, and a complex flavor of fruit and spice.

12oz Draft $8.00 32oz Crowler $18.00

Lucy In the Rye

Farmhouse Ale - Saison - 6.6% ABV - 19 IBU

Lucy is a Rye Saison with an earthy flavor that highlights apple, clove and cardamom notes and finishes dry with a hint of white pepper and peach. Light hopping with East Kent Goldings provides a gentle spice on the nose.

16oz Draft $7.00 32oz Crowler $14.00


Jabba Juice

Hard Seltzer - 5% ABV

Lemon Lime

16oz Draft $6.00 32oz Crowler $13.00


Hard Seltzer - 5% ABV

Blood Orange

16oz Draft $6.00 32oz Crowler $13.00

Raspberry Nebula

Hard Seltzer - 5% ABV

In 2009, astronomers identified a purple dust cloud in the Milky Way called "ethyl formate," the same flavoring for raspberries. To celebrate this discovery, Raspberry Nebula is a light and refreshing seltzer, but
packs an out of this world taste.

16oz Draft $6.00 32oz Crowler $13.00