Apogee_Vector Patch(Black)

Passion, perfection, innovation, craftsmanship, camaraderie…

These are just a few qualities that brought together rocket science geeks, successful businessman, and seasoned brewers to form Apogee Brewing Company.  Nestled in the beautiful Grover Beach, Central CA, Apogee Brewing Co. specializes in Belgians, IPAs and Ales style beers, as well as various beer staples and seasonal brews.  As “Apogee” represents the highest point achievable, our goal is to consistently provide the highest quality beers to our guests.  With all of us “home grown” in Central CA, it is vital for us to service the local community as well as out of town guests, and to provide a comfortable haven for our patrons.  We hope to see everyone at Apogee Brewing Co’s“launch pad” soon.  We will always have room for one more. Cheers!

Mission Statement